Eat Me

Eighteen. Michigan. Wild at heart. 5ft.1in. pyschedelics. Sex. Drugs. &Rock-n-roll. Drink blunts. Smoke fourties.

You can make me ball my eyes out and hold you like its my fault, I dont know how, and I dont like it at all.

Why does loving you always have to be so hard? Im literally trying so hard to hold onto nothing and I dont know what for.

Literally three weeks away from my due date and im so crushed that ill never be able to see or hold my baby.

Im feeling my first real heart break. Love sucks. But I aint gonna cry over a lying cheating worthless piece of shit.




I will let these images speak for themselves.

Is that a baby bib saying I love abortion?

Wow. These folks have no shame.

These are unfortunately real

Underwear…really? I can assure you my vagina does not like abortion.

Pro choice! Unless you plan on raising their children they aren’t ready for I suggest you all to shut the fuck up.

(via alwaysabeautifullife)

Showing affection is too much to ask.


Know the difference between LOVE, COMFORT, and INFATUATION.

You can be laying right next to the person you love the most and still feel alone.